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Commissioner’s 3/22/10

Commissioners today:  I asked about why no one had contacted me about my email request to present a solution to the problems in Planning.  Carter said he wanted to talk to me about it.  We’ll see.

When Shea presented a recommendation to deny an open space designation on some land he made a big deal about the soils.  It sounded, without saying so that they had spent a lot of time on it.   I explained to the Commissioners that soils for a given parcel of land could be found, and map and soils report printed in a matter of a couple of minutes.  They do not yet realize that I was telling them that the planning department was blowing smoke.  Next time I’ll try to be prepared with my own identical report.

John Straka was there and spoke about what are they going to do about the good part of the ICC report.  Afterward he spent quite some time with Carter.


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