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Healthcare and the Constitution

The so called Healthcare Bill is blatantly unConstitutional, as are many, or most, of the other major legislation passed by Congress since the early part of the last century.

This has been made possible by what is called legislating from the “Bench” (courts). It is totally wrong but the far left has no qualms about not playing fair. That the courts deliberately change law by misinterpretation has been acknowledged by at least one Supreme Court Judge.

Many “law professors,” look at how various US Courts have ruled and believe, or pretend, those “interpretations” are correct. Actually many lawyers and professors know better but they go along if it is expedient to their personal agenda.

The Constitution and it’s explanatory documents, such as the Federalist papers, the Anti-Federalist Papers, Madison’s Journal of the Constitutional Convention, and others, make understanding the original intent rather simple for one who will investigate.

The only person I know about in the entire Congress that pays the slightest attention to the Constitution is Ron Paul of Texas. That is why he is so falsely vilified by the left who hate the Constitution.

The claim of regulating Health Care under the guise of the interstate commerce clause is false on it’s face. That clause is only suppose to apply to transactions that cross state borders. There is an excellent essay on this at “” under the “Rights Powers and Duties” then “Interstate Commerce.”

Representative Baird’s argument that this clause gives Congress such power is ignorance on steroids. Go to YouTube and search for “baird marine” the second time they clash.  The first time that marine, David W. Hedrick, like me and many others, is about ready to keep his oath to “…defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.”


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