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Ready Reserve Corps by Randy Dutton

Congratulations to the progressives. You may just have created a new federal paramilitary force under Obama’s control and formed under the new Health Care Bill. Title V of the Bill expands the Ready Reserve Corps, originally formed by Clinton, and under the direction of the Surgeon General. The commissioned officers are appointed by the President, and the manning limits were removed. While the stated purpose was medical requirements AND national emergency, the actual use is open-ended because anything can be defined as such. Candidate Obama spoke during his campaign of creating a national force “just as well armed, and just as well funded as the military”. This Reserve Force may be the genesis of such a paramilitary force. I suggest you read the bill that so few other have read before voting on it The bill has many surprises in it that weren’t publicly discussed in either the Senate or the House.

Why would the Executive Branch want its own paramilitary force? Will the manning come from community organizer groups such as the now defunct ACORN? Is this a jobs bill to give the “underserved” power? Does the Executive Branch fear the states won’t cooperate in whatever endeavor the President wants to attempt? What happens if the paramilitary force has conflicting goals from a state, or even with the military? Will it go to the courts for resolution, or will a more serious confrontation develop? Closer to home, why would our legislators vote to expand this force? Where is their explanation to us on their belief in a National Reserve Force? Do our representatives so doubt the ability of Washington State to handle an emergency? Isn’t that why we have a National Guard controlled by the governor? Why do they remain silent on the true effects and cost of this Bill?


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